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A bridge of love between Canada and Cardenas – Radio Ciudad Bandera

Article talking about Passion Varadero on a Cuban Radio website

(With information from Roberto Antonio González)

Donations for Cardenas COVID 19 patients are coming from everywhere.

In the Cantel Camarioca demarcation suddenly, strangers knock on the door to deliver medicine.

They are the members of the Passion Varadero group, represented in Cuba by Pedro Cabrera Martínez.

In coordination with Canadian friends, they have made several donations and next week, after the arrival of another shipment, they will continue deliveries.

The District Delegate was a key player in the materialization of this beautiful gesture which had the support of the CDR.

Today their destination will be the town of Cardenas where they will arrive with medicines, but before that they made a stop in Varadero.

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