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Be careful at the beach

A beautiful day at the beach

Yay, it’s sunny! We're going to enjoy the beach and the crystal clear water of Varadero! But oops, there’s a yellow flag… be careful at the beach!

The meaning of flags

We suspect that green means that there is no danger and that red means the opposite. But the yellow...

Yellow, you guessed it, calls for caution. Undercurrents may be active, larger waves may be approaching, etc. In short, people who are less comfortable in the water should stay close to the edge and make sure they do not swim alone.

For the red, I guess I don't need to give you any details: we're not going in the water!

It seems that a white flag is sometimes used to announce the presence of rays.

The dangers are real

Unfortunately, I saw the maneuvers to try to save a man who was swimming alone under a yellow flag and, it seems, ventured too far and got tired trying to return to the beach. However, the waves didn't seem that big from where I was... Sometimes it's the size, but sometimes it can also be their faster pace that causes the problem. It’s better to be a little too careful than not enough…

Some additional tips

This article presents some very simple, but very interesting tips!

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