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Beach cleanliness: our common responsibility!

Photo: Pedro Cabrera Martinez

Who pollutes the beaches of Varadero? Beach cleanliness: our common responsibility!

Tourists or Cubans? Both ! I remain convinced that the real answer is: vacationers, regardless of their nationality! Let's not forget that the Cubans who frequent the beaches of Varadero are often people living in other cities and also coming on vacation to Cuba (in hotels or casas). At least, those who are careless.

I noticed this in Varadero, but also in Quebec, on the East Coast of the United States, in France, and so on. On vacation, some people, many of whom have more or less abused refreshing alcohol, forget that they are in a collective space where they should be even more respectful than at home. Instead, it's quite the opposite! And I think it gets worse in an "all-inclusive" because vacationers think they've paid to include cleaning of the beach and pool area.

“I clean my house all year round, so I’m definitely not going to do it on vacation!” There is a difference between cleaning and not leaving all your trash on the beach or near the pool!!! It's as if the word "vacation" (especially in a group!) meant that everything is allowed and that we can forget the rules of good manners!

But the trash cans were full!

So what ? Nothing stops you from putting your empty plastic cups in your bag and throwing them in another bin! In the small park near your home in Quebec, where your children play every day, if a trash can is full, do you throw your waste next to it or do you look for another one? Haven't you noticed that when someone lets go, others tend to say, "Others have done it, so I can do it too." It's so easy to clear customs...

Do you want to be part of the solution rather than the problem?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Inform hotel staff if there are not enough trash cans on the beach or near the pool, if they are full, etc. The more guests who report it, the more hotel managers will seek to find a solution.

  • Bring a reusable plastic bag so you can bring your trash back if the trash cans are full.

  • Bring a glass or thermos cup to avoid using plastic cups. More and more people are also bringing reusable straws to avoid using those that are thrown away after use. More and more hotel chains are starting to impose these rules. And the thermos containers really help keep drinks cold, which is very nice in the Varadero heat!

  • For smokers, a small ashtray does not take up space and prevents your butts from ending up on the beach and in the sea. Here is mine, "beach special", next to my thermos cup.

And thank you to the people who, when they walk on the beach, take the trouble to pick up the trash they see, even if it is not their own. Do you always want to leave a few glasses or papers on the beach because you are “happy with alcohol”?

Think that when you catch the eye of your roommate, it could be him who had to bend down to pick them up for you… Would you want it to be your elderly parents or grandparents who did it for you? If you walk on the beach very early in the morning, observe the average age of the people who bend over to pick up... Of course, congratulations also to the younger ones who do it!

Do you still think the problem in Varadero is only with the Cubans?

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