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I'm going to introduce myself for those who don't know me yet. I am one of the founders of the Passion Varadero group since 2019.

Gradually, I started broadcasting lives on Facebook from Varadero during my solo trips. A certain craze arose, and the group's popularity increased.

I then created a website as well as an online store to offer Passion Varadero souvenir items to pay for our advertising items which we give to our partners in Cuba and also to pay the costs of the website

You can view our online store here:

In 2020, with the arrival of Covid, everything changed. I did everything I could to help these people who lived without medication. Several thousand $$$ were sent to Cuba and distributed, not counting aid with medicines. Hundreds of suitcases full of medicine were sent to Cuba over the next two years.

We even created a hashtag keyword #touspourcuba.

To find out more, you can consult the following links: Passion Varadero on Cuban television,

The objective remains the same: to help these people who are suffering enormously. We now organize group trips bringing hundreds of kilos of medicine, toys, food and clothing. During the last Fiesta Cuba #7 trip, 800 kg of material were distributed directly to the people. hospitals, orphanages, elderly people’s homes, children’s parties

To find out more about our trips, visit our page:

J'ai maintenant une équipe de 7 personnes sur place à Cuba pour nous aider dans la distribution, Antonio Montano, Vitia Hidalgo, Oveslay Calero, Adrian Laredo Acosta, Juan Carlos Naranjo, Carlos Gálvez, Joel Alfonso

To help us in our actions, you can purchase the Macaron or the Mini small VIP 2024 key ring, which helps us cover a lot of costs related to Passion Varadero.

By purchasing the VIP Passion Varadero Keychain or Macaron, you automatically become a “VIP Passion Varadero” for a period of one year.

The Macaron & key ring is valid for the current year and costs $25.

In exchange upon presentation of the Macaron | VIP Keychain VIP partners will give you a cocktail, a discount, a small gift and a lot of smiles

It’s their way of thanking you for encouraging them.

as well as more than 60 partners, including restaurants, taxis, tattoo artists, and many others.

Certainly, Passion Varadero is now the largest group on Facebook with its 32,800 members. With a team of three moderators, it's not too much to support the group. A big thank you to them too. Nadia Duchka. Michel Lafontaine, Josée Poisson

Without also forgetting my travel sales team Mylène Landry - Voyages Aquamonde and @Myriam Beaudin - Voyages Aquamonde, Valerie Desgagne

of Aquamonde Travel & Cruises

But the primary goal of the group remains mutual aid between members and Cubans. I hope that for those who have recently arrived here, this will explain a little of the history of Passion Varadero.

THANK YOU TO OUR MEMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@tout le monde


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