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Know the weather for the last 5 years for my vacation dates

I would like to book for (your travel dates) - Do you think the weather will be nice in Varadero?

Replace Varadero with your city of residence and ask yourself what you would answer to this question. ;-)

Anyone can tell you they think the weather will be nice and anyone can tell you they think it won't be nice. Meteorology is unfortunately not an exact science... There have been very interesting advances in recent years, thanks in part to technology. And at the same time, climate change is muddying the waters... Nothing is obvious!

This site which presents very interesting statistics on temperatures, sunshine, rainfall and much more. And if you go down to the middle of the range, you will have access to a tool (see image at the top of the article) that allows you to see what the weather has been like over the last five years, but at the same time it is missing information such as the number of millimeters of rain that fell. Two millimeters in an hour is just a little rain. Forty millimeters in an hour is something else entirely!

Here is an example of the information you will obtain by consulting this site:

Have a good trip !

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