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Optimize your luggage if you want to bring medicines and others for Cubans

Note: Due to rapid changes currently in both Canada and Cuba, please verify information before your departure.

On regular flights, the maximum weight allowed for a suitcase is 23 kg.

The weight of hand luggage is not checked, but you must be able to place it yourself in the compartment above your seat or under the seat in front of you.

Optimize your luggage if you want to bring meme

A travel bag, such as a handbag, is also permitted.

So, how can you travel light while providing the most for Cubans?

At the end of this article you will find a link to a fantastic site where a flight attendant shares her best tips. Even in a regular situation, you will discover useful advice to put into practice.

Many travelers divide their belongings between two suitcases: if one is lost or arrives late, the other can at least be used for a few days. Another tip to keep in mind!

Here is what I would personally do:

1) I would limit my wardrobe to the bare minimum by choosing clothes that can easily be coordinated: a day dress that can be worn in the evening with a simple light jacket for a more elegant look if necessary, two shorts and two t-shirts assorted, etc.

2) I would favor the lightest clothes that are easy to wash by hand (I don't like doing laundry while traveling, but hey... you can find mini-bottles of detergent in pharmacies, and if necessary, I would dry the clothes with a hair dryer), a single pair of shoes as light as possible and a pair of sandals, etc.

3) I would leave books and other heavy objects at home: for once, I can do without them during a trip!

4) I would only bring a beach bag, which would also serve as a handbag.

5) I would opt for the "multiple layers" technique, similar to that used in winter but adapted for summer. As we are not weighed, it is possible to wear several items of clothing when leaving the airport: a light tank top under one or two t-shirts, an extra layer with long sleeves, a very light jacket that can also be used as a raincoat . We can also slip several small non-metallic objects into our pockets, such as jewelry to add a touch of elegance to an evening outfit, headphones, a mini travel bar of soap, hair ties, and much more ! These clothes can be carried in a disposable plastic bag and put on just before going through airport security, then removed on the plane.

In conclusion, we work hard all year round for a vacation that lives up to our dreams! Each of us must make choices that we are comfortable with.

50 tips for optimizing your packing

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