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Power outlets in Varadero, adapter or converter

Updated: Apr 29


the power outlets were usually very well identified. In addition to the title image, here is another one. As you will see in Renaud's video (see below), most of our devices can plug into its sockets without problem.

At Los Delfines (November 2021), the majority of sockets were marked 110 V / 220 V. I was hesitant to plug in when I realized that the socket where the television was plugged was only marked 100 V. It seems that in indeed the televisions in Varadero are all connected to 100 V sockets. ;-)

Recharge your smart devices

If you look behind your flat screen television, you will see that there are USB sockets there. At Villa Tortuga, the television had to be on for charging to take place, but it might be different elsewhere.

Adapter or converter?

The majority of Canadian travelers do not need an adapter. The adapter is used to insert a plug-in device into an electrical outlet.

For example, travelers from the United Kingdom must provide such a device because otherwise they will not be able to plug in and it is the same if we travel to this country.

As you will see in Renaud's video shared in this article, except for flat irons and certain dryers, it is not necessary to provide a converter. But it is important to carefully read the instructions on your device.

Here is a photo shared by Robert Thériault

I highly recommend that you watch this video which popularizes the subject very well!

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