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Visit Matanzas (nicknamed the city of bridges) - the must-sees not to be missed!

Photo: René Lopez Zayas - Rebellecuba

When you go to Varadero for the first time, you can't leave the beach or barely go to town. But after a few stays, especially if you can stay there for more than 7 days, you want to venture a little around Varadero. Different options are possible, but a very interesting city to discover is that of Matanzas.

Some people will decide to go there by bike or scooter, but having done a half-day visit with a private guide (Yenny), I can tell you that the visit becomes particularly interesting when you have the comments of a Cuban or a Cuban and the answer to our questions.

Here are suggestions from three of our friends who live in Cuba.

Suggestions from Yenny Perez Pino:

La.Liberté Park

The Pharmacy Museum (we loved it!)

The dirty White

The Velasco Hotel (you have to stop there for a drink!)

Meliu Street (Calle del Medio)

Narvaes Boulevard

Monserrate (a small chapel at the top of the hill - the view is magnificent!)

Baseball stadiums - at least drive past

Place de la Vigia with the Sauto theater, the fire station, the Junco Palace museum

San Severino Castle

On the other side, the Bellamar cave

The Canimar River

The Saturno cave

Suggestions from René Lopez Zayas in addition to those from Yenny:

Parque René Fraga Yumurí Valley Hershey electric train station in the Versailles district San Pedro Church Matanzas Cathedral Fisherman's pier under the Concordia and San Louis bridges Marina district and its murals Mirador at the El cafeteria Paso on the river and Canimar bridge Old seaside path between Varadero and Matanzas El Morrillo at the mouth of the Canimar river Faro Maya y laguna Maya

...finally nostalgia for old Matanzas.

Suggestion from Marielle Calmell:

Piscina de Mister Claudio, a natural swimming pool

Photo: Radio Rebelde

Photo: Cooking Skills on You Tube

See as well :

Open with Chrome browser and right-click to get the French translation option

Happy discoveries!

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