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Walking on Varadero Beach

Photo published on Tweeter by Mélia Hotels

Varadero beach

Varadero beach, seen here from the sky, is the second most beautiful in the world according to a TripAdvisor ranking (2019). A beach of more than 20 kilometers of white sand is offered to you!

Walking on Varadero Beach

Looking at the photo you guess that it is possible to take very long walks on the beach. There are only two sections which are cut by two areas of rocks each.

Ocean Vista Azul and Labranda Varadero (formerly Naviti)

These two areas are located on the peninsula and therefore far from the city center.

Beautiful walks in the morning, day and evening!

Here are some photos from our members which will show you that it is really pleasant to walk on the beach at any time of the day!

Morning - Photo shared by Audrey Bonneau

Afternoon - Photo shared by Nicole Dessaillers

Hat and sunscreen required!

Evening - Photo shared by Sibel Si'belle

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