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Pineapple peel juice

    ▪︎Pineapple peels
    ▪︎Natural ginger, a little bit
    ▪︎Cloves, a pinch
    ▪︎Sugar to taste
    ▪︎Rice, a handful
    ▪︎A few pieces of pineapple (optional)

We usually use the pineapple itself to make juice and throw away the peelings. But why not take the opportunity to make jam with the fruit, or simply eat it naturally, and then take advantage of the peels to make an exquisite juice.
It is a simple and very nutritious recipe, quite traditional in Cuba, which allows us to enjoy absolutely everything in the fruit, since even the crown of leaves can be useful to decorate glasses of juice. So let's not throw anything away from the pineapple.

The pineapple is peeled, the peels are washed very well and all the ingredients are boiled, about 5 minutes, until the rice is cooked and then, we turn off the heat, and let it rest and cool, so that everything can beat in electric mixer.
Filter and it's ready, or better refrigerate to serve very cold, or with a few ice cubes.
We add rum to this juice and it tastes like heaven.

Pineapple peel juice
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