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Pollo con pina

    ▪︎1kg of chicken
    ▪︎200 g pineapple
    ▪︎Salt and ground pepper to taste
    ▪︎Chopped garlic and ginger
    ▪︎Coriander or parsley
    ▪︎2 tablespoons of sugar
    ▪︎Pineapple juice
    ▪︎White wine or cooking wine
    ▪︎2 tablespoons of vegetable oil
    ▪︎1 drizzle of soy sauce
    ▪︎1 pepper (Optional)

If a chicken fell from the sky and we had a ripe pineapple then there is nothing more to say, we would make a delicious pineapple chicken, in the most authentic Creole style.

Chop the chicken into pieces, season with salt, pepper and pineapple juice.

Leave to marinate for at least an hour. Let drain and brown the chicken in hot oil.

Add the chopped onion, garlic, ginger and coriander, or parsley, to the chicken and fry a little more. Then add the wine, soy sauce and pineapple juice from the marinade used. Cook over low heat for 15 minutes.

Finally add the pepper and pineapple glazed with sugar and vinegar, and cook again until the sauce is reduced and the chicken is slightly caramelized.

This delicacy of the Cuban gods is recommended to eat with vegetables, or with white rice and fried plantains.

Enjoy your meal, everyone, and see you soon at the table with the Cubans.

Pollo con pina
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