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Homemade grilled chicken

    150 ml olive oil (or other)
    50 ml of vinegar
    4 or 5 cloves of garlic
    Cayenne pepper (or other)
    Fresh parsley

Chicken thighs that we deboned the day before to fry can also be grilled at home. The chicken pieces are also marinated in mustard, lemon or bitter orange juice, pepper, salt and coriander for several hours.

All we have to do is heat the board and, with the drained chicken pieces, grill them well for about 10 minutes on both sides, or until we are sure they are well cooked.

It is the sauce that we will have prepared, in the meantime, which will have an exceptional taste. It is a mojo picón verde, a sauce apparently of Canarian origin, but with a green, different and fresher touch, which goes very well with our meat roasts or barbecue. Spain logically remains one of the sources of greatest influence on Cuban culture.

Pour the vinegar into a small saucepan and heat it over medium heat. When hot, add the pepper and stir until the vinegar begins to boil. We then remove the pan from the heat to let its contents cool.

In the meantime, we continue the preparation. In a mortar, add a little salt, chopped garlic and parsley, and grind until you obtain a paste-like mixture. Add the olive oil, stir everything to combine and also add the vinegar from the pan, without the pepper, which would have already transferred its flavor to it.

Mix everything until you obtain a fairly homogeneous sauce, which you can then pour into a suitable container and leave to cool in the fridge until ready to serve.

Try it at home, you'll see how simple and delicious it is. I would like to point out that ingredients specific to Cuba are not always available and we are forced to improvise and make our original recipes more flexible. So we use whatever oil and pepper we have on hand.
Enjoy it all.

Homemade grilled chicken
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