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Tamal en Cazuela

    ▪︎720 g of corn flour.
    ▪︎2 white onions.
    ▪︎1 dozen garlic cloves.
    ▪︎4 to 6 chili peppers or one bell pepper.
    ▪︎2 bay leaves.
    ▪︎3 to 4 coriander leaves.
    ▪︎180 g finely chopped chives.
    ▪︎1 tablespoon of tomato sauce.
    ▪︎1 teaspoon of soy sauce.
    ▪︎vegetable oil.
    ▪︎400 g of minced pork or bacon.
    ▪︎salt and pepper.

The delicious Tamal en Cazuela, is another of the most outstanding dishes of typical Caribbean cuisine made with sweet corn and pork. We therefore invite you to follow these steps and recommendations so that you can enjoy a delicious delicacy with an incomparable Cuban flavor.
It is a corn flour porridge, seasoned with fine aromatic herbs and enriched with small fried pieces of pork, ham or bacon. This dish should be served very hot and perhaps accompanied by a fried egg and avocado with white onions, or other fine aromatic herbs of your choice.
However, this dish would have suffered the same fate as chickpeas in Cuba. For a very long time, corn flour reminded us, not without some sadness, of the most difficult moments of the Cuban economy, when the adventure of feeding the family was for us a daily challenge, the ghost of which haunts us to this day. new.
It is perhaps logical then that most Cubans, especially city dwellers, prefer to exclude this dish from their menus, which for some has become a sign of a past era of great shortages.
This very typical and traditional preparation, however, remains very alive in rural areas...and it is really delicious.
The same corn flour prepared with sugar instead of salt, milk instead of sofrito, lemon peel and cinnamon powder at the end, then becomes a terrible dessert among the peasants. La harina de corn dulce.

The preparation:
It would have been necessary to soak the corn flour in water since the night before in a large saucepan. Volume of water equal to at least 3 times the volume of flour.
We will boil the corn flour over low heat until it is well softened. It takes about 30 minutes.
In the meantime, we will, in a frying pan, separately prepare the Sofrito, that is to say the sauce which enhances the taste of the dish in question.
We then need to sauté the pieces of pork or bacon in vegetable oil until they start to brown. Then add the finely chopped onion and garlic, the chillies or bell pepper also cut, the bay leaves and coriander, the chopped chives and a pinch of pepper.
Finally we add the tomato and soy sauce and, all mixed well, will be poured into the pan with the corn flour, the volume of which would have increased after cooking.
We will mix all this well and add salt to personal taste.
You must continue to cook over very low heat for about 1 hour more. You'll know it's ready to see little bubbles bursting onto the surface with a rather thick, almost creamy texture.
This is a dish to serve while it is hot. To balance the temperature on the palate, a good slice of fresh avocado with white onions is enough, or a few olives.
At my peasant ancestors, we always served an extra fried egg, to keep the little one well fed.
In any case the little one grew up well and a good nap was also a guaranteed thing.

Tamal en Cazuela
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